Yongnuo, the knock-off flash maker that manufactures several different lines of flashes using mutually-exclusive radio triggers, revised its YN685 to a Mark II version (via Petapixel). The new model, not quite available in stores yet, will sport a USB port for ongoing firmware upgrades and what appears to be a cycle time that finally meets the advertised full power recycle time of 2 seconds.

Yongnuo flashes have a cheap-and-cheerful reputation, known for being about as good as first party flashes, but with slightly lesser build quality, especially around the battery covers and rubberized port covers. They also cost about one fourth the price.

The 685 series uses Yongnuo’s own set of radio frequency standards and is not compatible with newer OEM flash control RF standards such as Canon’s “RT” system. Yongnuo does make RT flashes as a separate series, which already features a USB port.