Marketshare Changes SHow Fuji-OM, Sony-Canon Links

Mar 22, 2021 | Bodies, Fuji, MFT, News, Retail

We don’t frequently cover camera manufacturer market share changes month-to-month, but the trend over the past half year shows an interesting relationship between the Olympus brand and Fuji. Share of Fuji cameras has blasted from around 10 percent to about 20 percent in Japan, where Olympus’s share has move from about 25 percent down to below 15 percent.

The changes in the big-four marketshare appear to show a somewhat zero-sum relationship between Sony and Canon – both primarily full frame mirrorless producers, and one between Fuji and Olympus, now called OM Digital, which are both sub-full frame producers.

All is not lost for Olympus and Canon in their marketshare dives, as this is part of a normal cycle of swapping share due to recent camera releases. Sony is riding a wave of purchases of its A7s III and A1 cameras, and Fuji is fleshing out both its crop sensor line and its medium format line with recent launches. What is notable, instead, is the apparent tying of these sets of brands since mirrorless bodies became the majority of cameras sold.

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