Canon Firmware Released: Lower Bitrates, Settings saving, CFexpress Bug Quashed

Mar 30, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, News, Software

The version 1.3 firmware for the Canon R5 and R6 is out with a few goodies. Useful items include the ability to save settings on a memory card to transfer between cameras; lower bitrate video modes; and fixing some less-than-optimal ways the cameras treated CFexpress cards. Clog and Clog3 are included for people with pretensions of wide dynamic range video needs.

Camnostic installed it on one R5 and left another at firmware version 1.2 to compare directly.

In all, it’s a better-than-average firmware release, especially if you primarily worry about video flexibility. The update is available on a rolling basis moving around the world today, but is not yet available from Canon USA. A copy can be downloaded from a Canon Asia site here. Gordon Laing, one of the best reviewers on the web, had early access and gives a run-down with video examples on his YouTube channel.

With the new 120 frames per second 1080p slow motion mode, the bitrate is low enough that video can be captured on SD cards.

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