Canon Rumors Suggest No R5 Flavors Soon

Mar 25, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, Rumors, Uncategorized

The stream of Canon rumors has been running in reverse a bit, with early rumors of a high-resolution camera to complement the EOS R5 getting kicked down the speculative road into 2022. Earlier, the R1 theoretical flagship camera surfaces once more, only to be pegged for a 2022 launch date. The “video-first” version of the R5 is now also considered to be more likely a 2022 release.

Normally, rumor sites suggest something is coming quite a bit before it actually sees light, which might be a product of wishful thinking, or perhaps mischievous “sources,” or actual manufacturer production delays.

The other rumor left from the turn of the year that remains to be kicked down the timeline is the suggestion that an unprecedentedly large number of new RF lenses will be released the first half 2021, suggesting this would happen within the next 100 days.

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