Monster Canon 35-135mm f/2.8 Patented

Mar 19, 2021 | Canon, Lenses, News, Patents

One shouldn’t get too excited about just a patent, especially from Canon, which has one of the highest patents-to-actual-products ratios among any company in the world. But… the new patent for a set of high-mag-ratio zooms that are also large aperture is something completely new.

Canon Watch ferreted out the new patent for a lens design that would suit a 35-135mm f/2.8, along with a couple sibling lenses of similar scale. The 35-135mm lens would be more than 203mm long when zoomed out at its fullest. That would be around the length of the 100-500mm lens fully zoomed out, or just a couple centimeters shy of Canon’s 400mm f/4 DO II lens’s length.

The lens design shows a bit heavy on the outside end of the lens, but it wouldn’t need to be very girthy, as a 135mm lens at f/2.8 would imply a minimum entrance of only about 5 centimeters.

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