Nikon Z Flagship Coming, Will be Hi-Res

Mar 5, 2021 | News, Nikon

Nikon’s camera business head, Keiji Oishi, told DPReview in a wide-ranging and enlightening interview that the Z series equivalent of the D6 will be out within the year, and that – with 8k video – will employ a high resolution stacked sensor, akin to the Sony A1 just released.

When asked what lenses would be the next priorities, Oishi emphasized smaller, cheaper primes, now that the f/2.8 trinity of zooms was recently completed. Emphasizing a lack of focus breathing, he indicated that the large mount diameter is allowing Nikon to design lenses more attractive to video shooters.

Oishi indicated that he perceived Nikon’s core market to be the “middle” of the professional and sophisticated hobbyist market. Intriguingly, he told DPReview that Nikon planned lenses that “will be unique to the Z mount system.”

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