OM-D Registering 2020 OLympus Offerings in New Countries

Mar 3, 2021 | Bodies, MFT, Rumors

OM Digital, photographic heir to the Olympus product range, registered about a dozen cameras introduced in 2019 and 2020 with Russian and other electronics radio frequency spectrum regulators early this morning. Among the offerings are the M10 Mark IV, the E-M5 Mark III and the TG-6.

That’ll Cost You 449 Sand Dollars

Late registrations such as these often means a company intends to open up direct sales channels in that country, which would signify a slightly more aggressive market channel stance on the part of OM Digital. But the filings in this case may instead be a legal necessity simply because the ownership of the products has shifted to the OM Digital subsidiary of JIP, the purchaser of Olympus’s camera assets.

At least in the case of the Russian filings, earlier applications for these cameras do not show up under the Olympus brand, which often means they were sold by third party distributors previously.

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