Rumor: Canon To Field Video-Centric R5

Mar 10, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Video

Rumors of a video-oriented high end R camera were common a year ago, but after the R5 came out, many thought that was the video-oriented mirrorless camera. Now, Canon Rumors gets word that a video version of the R5 is back on the table, perhaps modeled on the product line structure Sony revealed.

Sony released the A7s III as owner of the video niche in the Alpha line, yet it also released the FX3 to cover the cine form factor of what is essentially the same spec as the A7s III.

The 1973 Equivalent

Canon Rumors indicates that the new camera would come out in about a year. It would have an internal neutral density filter and support Canon Log 2 and Log 3.

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