Sony Promotes Mobile Premiere Software To Ease Video Pain

Mar 8, 2021 | News, Sony, Video

Sony is providing My Sony ID members with a free e-book in Japan, showing how to use Adobe’s Premiere Rush software, typically used for lightly processing mobile video footage and getting it up onto social sites.

Premiere Rush isn’t free, but the book comes with a “starter plan” allowing for three free exports from the program.

The brunt of Sony camera software developments over the past year have been for video features, yet the video medium brings with it a great deal of friction for using the footage taken. Where it is typical for an image to be post-processed in a minute or two, it’s also typical for even a short, simple video to take a quarter hour of processing. Camera manufacturer processing software has a deserved poor reputation, so this experiment will prove interesting to see if it can help bring a wider market to the Alpha line.

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