Aftermarket camera accessory maker Proier will announce next week a series of attachments allowing the newest mirrorless cameras to achieve the “feel” of the integrated-grip flagship cameras of yesteryear. The release was made available early – apparently mistakenly – on the press release section of their new website, which has since been taken down temporarily.

After electronic viewfinders achieved resolutions and refresh rates faster than the human eye can notice, the remaining complaint among some of the more stubborn pro body shooters has been the weight distribution, or “feel” of the camera, especially when mounted to telephoto or low aperture lenses.

Especially when using non-integrated grip bodies, like the Canon R5 or the Panasonic S1r, the weight is substantially lower. Using an optional grip to compensate for this is seen by some as a weatherproofing liability. Enter the Proier Armada system of adjustable weights. The all-metal system attaches to the 1/4″ bottom threads and provides similar threads (a set of two) below the weight, and also an arca-swiss mount.

Two versions will be available at the start of the coming month: the Admiral, which has a solid base with a lower profile, and the Commodore, which has a taller profile and acts as a storage space for two batteries or other sundries. Both are priced at $199.

Accompanying the release was a sizzle video of a series of older photographers using the Armada system, which included the sort of inspirational musical build found on some Kickstarter campaigns. All of the photographers were using tripods.