Canon Ingests Software Dev Subsidiary

Apr 1, 2021 | Accessories, Canon, News, Software

Today Canon USA announced that its Canon Information and Imaging Solutions subsidiary – the wholly-owned company responsible for custom automation solutions for corporate customers – will be folded back into the US division of Canon.

Canon has been developing significant automation technologies, such as software-controlled, weather-proof gimbals, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to control them and all modern Canon equipment. Camnostic has access to Canon’s APIs through its developer program and periodically checks in to see what sorts of new functions and use cases have been developed.

That said, the CIIS division primarily worked with document management solutions – perhaps more affiliated with the copier technologies than the camera technologies.

The recombination of the group back under the Canon USA management may indicate that the expected business-to-business applications and revenue have been slower to materialize than had been previously expected. To hear Canon state it, the merger was conducted to do the following:

  • More agile and faster operations/management
  • Organizational synergy across Canon U.S.A. Inc.
  • Simple and more efficient operations as a single company
  • Streamlined go to market capability for new solutions and services

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