Canon R3 Official: Reprises 1998 ‘Eye Detect’ Focus Point Selection

Apr 14, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, News, Stabilization

Had it come out two weeks ago, it would have been dismissed as an April Fools rumor site prank. Today Canon announced it is developing an R3 camera, which appears to be a direct answer to Sony’s A1. The R3 name harkens back to the 3D film camera of 1998, which was ground-breaking in that it used the photographer’s pupil position to select a focus point. This feature is now reprised in the new RF mount flagship camera – and probably this time will work better.

The camera will shoot 30 frames per second and feature a stacked sensor to significantly lower rolling shutter. The Canon announcement repeatedly emphasizes action shooting, so we take that to mean it will not be a high megapixel sensor.

In addition to the birds and animals eye detection algorithms, a new type of eye-detect class of objects will be included.

Along with the development announcement, Canon confirmed recent rumors that it will be launching an RF replacement for its venerable 100mm f/2.8 L macro lens, which will now have 40 percent more magnification and up to 8 stops of stabilization when combined with one of the recent IBIS bodies. Canon will also be pushing out RF versions of its most recent big white lens releases: the 400mm f/2.8 and the 600mm f/4.

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