Canon R3 Rumored to Have “Resolution Trick”

Apr 21, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Uncategorized

Canon Rumors indicates it received some “vague information” told to it in “vague terms” surrounding a “resolution trick.”

Squint closely: Do you see doublets or quartets of micro lenses over the sensor?

The most obvious candidates for a resolution trick would be some sort of super fast stacking application, such as that employed for the past couple of years by Panasonic’s high-end full frame cameras. Canon’s multi-pixel autofocus innovations could also be applied to some sort of resolution trickery.

Speaking multi-pixel autofocus rumors, the same source indicated that the R3 would have “next generation of DPAF.” Canon Rumors interpreted that as quad-pixel AF, for which Canon has been covering itself with patents. But the term DPAF refers specifically to “Dual” pixel AF, so such a new technology would be unlikely to be thrown under that umbrella.

In the past, when Canon spoke about a future product but remained silent on a critical spec, it indicated one of two things: either that the spec was going to be negatively controversial (for example: keeping the 1DX series to around 20 megapixels for a decade); or that it was introducing a new technology that it couldn’t yet discuss.

The jury is out on this one, and Canon Rumors interpreted its source’s caginess as indicating that information on the R3 will “likely be quite vague.”

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