Delkin Gives ‘Black’ Treatment to CfExpress Type B

Apr 1, 2021 | Accessories, News

Delkin makes some of the best CFexpress Type B cards out there, and might be the best bang-for-buck deal, frequently offered at less than $1 per gigabyte in the larger sizes. Its flagship card has been the green Power line of cards, but now it is bringing its premium Black line to CFexpress Type B, the line roughly equivalent to Sony’s Tough brand, featuring best performance and maximal hardening for toughness.

The cards will come in sizes from 64GB to 512GB. The critical promise in the materials on the site is that it will provide a specific sustained write speed of 1,400 MB/s, which is quite a bit faster than all the others tested so far in our comprehensive CFexpress cards review. In fact, none of the existing cards broke 900 MB/s in our tests.

We have reached out to the California-based company to see if we can acquire a testing unit. The cards are not yet released for distribution, but are already available for resale on some online retailers, showing a price of $130 for the 64GB size, up to $700 for the 512GB size. This is roughly 25 percent more expensive than the Power line of equivalent cards.

[UPDATE: new review posted here. The upshot: no card is faster.]

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