SonyAlphaRumors snagged an image of a rumored 24mm f/1.8 for Sony E mount. Just the day before Samyang started teasing the launch of two such astro-oriented wide primes.

Samyang makes lenses under its name and Rokinon, depending on the world region. Some of them are known to be very high quality for their prices, and their prices are generally quite low. The company specialized on wide primes for astrophotography, but recently has been competing with higher-end lens makers with a line of f/1.4 primes not geared for astrophotography.

From the picture provided by SonyAlphaRumors, it is difficult to determine from the design of the lens whether this is intended to be a cheap-and-cheerful astro lens or a budget entry into their line of higher-end primes. The image appears to show a selector switch to turn off autofocus, which itself would be an addition to the astro line. There also appears to be another switch on the other side of the lens, which could theoretically be a stabilization control. [Update: another image surfaced of the other side of the lens, and that control is merely the E mount custom lens button found on many higher-end lenses.]

Perhaps the most popular astrophotography lens today is the 24mm Samyang/Rokinon f/2.8, so if this is geared to be a replacement, it would be giving one and a third stops more light.