Pentax K3 III Rocks Dynamic Range

Apr 29, 2021 | Bodies, News, Pentax, Uncategorized

The definitive source for dynamic range (DR) tests,, shows that the new Pentax release provides crazy DR, especially relative to other crop sensor cameras. The DR shown in the tests rivals the original Sony A7s, which was at the time known as the “see in the dark” camera.

Clicking on the image above will bring you to the interactive chart on PhotonsToPhotos, where you can compare the DR versus your own camera body and others.

Dynamic range indicates the range of light values that a camera can differentiate without blowing out highlights or crushing blacks so much that no image information is available in those areas. It is especially important at low ISOs for landscape and product photographers, seeking fine detail, but is also important for low light photographers that typically suffer quickly-narrowing DR when shooting at higher sensitivities.


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