Canon R3 Has Tilty-Flippy Screen, Optical AF Button, Big Old 1DX Battery

May 27, 2021 | Batteries, Bodies, Canon, Rumors

New pictures published by Nokishita show a few newly-confirmed specifications. The well-liked optical autofocus button seen previously on the 1DX Mark III makes an appearance. Also present – probably to the chagrin of some of the grumpier 1D ideologues – is a tilty/flippy screen, allowing for easier low- and high-angle shots.

A LAN indicator light implies networking capabilities similar to that of the other 1D series – feature present for the EOS R5 only with a $1,000 special grip that suffers from some as-yet uncorrected performance limits.

The ergonomics of the back show that shooting the camera in portrait aspect will not maintain the relative positions of the scroll wheel and the other buttons and dials. It’s never quite perfect, but this layout appears to provide a quite left-of-center scroll wheel for those shooting portrait.

The battery compartment appears to be of a similar configuration to a 1D series camera, although it could theoretically contain a sled for LP-E6NH batteries. This is less likely, as that would push into more volume in the underside of the camera – which faces a premium on space; and the front image shows a finger lip on the grip that would fit along with the 1D series batteries.

The camera appears to lack the bump Canon often places on cameras to house a GPS chip.

Perhaps most interesting is the timing of the leak of these pictures, as Nokishita typically gets this sort of information quite close to a release date. Canon pre-announced the R3, but they never committed to a specific date range for release. Nokishita leaks very frequently happen within a few weeks of formal release.

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