Delkin CFexpress Type A Product Image Leaked

May 5, 2021 | Accessories, Rumors, Sony

Delkin appears to be about to become the second manufacturer of the CFexpress Type A cards that go into the Sony A7s III and other recent Sony offerings. The cards are about as small as SD cards, but are faster – yet not as fast as the much larger CFexpress Type B cards used by most other camera manufacturers of late in their highest-end offerings.

The image appears to indicate that Delkin will be offering the Type A card as part of its Advantage line of cards, a budget-minded line of cards.

Sony has been the only manufacturer to date of the Type A cards, and their versions of the cards have proven to be both small and expensive.

Camnostic has tested all major offerings of CFexpress Type B cards as well as the Sony Type A cards and card readers. We have reached out to Delkin to see if we can add the new Delkin Advantage CFexpress Type A cards to the building data set. A data set is also available for comparison of most major SD cards. Notable in those data is the fact that Delkin has been tops or among the top in performance and value.

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