Finally, Canon Cine to Go RF

May 14, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, Rumors, Video

Now we can look forward to the cine division of Canon to compete for design and production resources in the RF mount. Canon is rumored to be preparing a complete set of RF primes for new cine cameras coming soon: the C300S and the C500S, along with a rumored C700DR. That last camera wishes to so emphasize its dynamic range qualities, that it put DR in the name. The information comes from Canon Rumors.

The announcement of the cameras and lenses will likely come in the October NAB timeframe, and whether it is a development announcement versus a release will largely be determined by how much existing supply chain and other manufacturing limits have been eased by that time.

The new RF cine primes include focal lengths and aperture combinations of: 14mm T/1.5; 18mm T/1.5; 24mm T/1.3; 35mm T1.3 ;50mm T/1.3; 85mm T/1.3; 100mm T/1.5; 135mm T/1.5.

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