Nikon China: Pixel Shift for Z9 + Internal N-Log Possible

May 31, 2021 | Bodies, Lenses, News, Nikon

A Nikon executive in China divulged in an interview that the Z9 development goes on apace, with processor improvements allowing them to consider including such goodies as pixel-shift resolution boosting and allowing for internal recording of N-log video.

Toru Matsubara also indicated that a new supertelephoto will be released along with the flagship mirrorless camera – potentially beating Canon to the punch of providing a supertelephoto that was actually designed for mirrorless, rather than merely affixing a permanent adapter on an older DSLR design.

Other tidbits include the expectation of a new macro coming soon; 8K is actually seeing significant demand, proving that if you build it, camera nerds will “need” it.

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