Nikon Financials Were Grim, Maybe Break-Even Next Year on Imaging

May 13, 2021 | News, Nikon

Nikon’s stock has been going gangbusters in the past few months, apparently due to several one-time asset sales that greatly reduced the liability of it finding itself in a cash crunch. Meanwhile, revenues are down by about a quarter across the company. The imaging business appears to be holding its own, though, actually increasing this past year, although still losing about $20 for every $100 the company sells.

Nikon points to a 2022 outlook that is rosier, showing a profit again on revenue that is set to grow about 7 percent based largely on the back of new mirrorless sales.

The upshot for Nikonian camera mount users: the company isn’t going away, and it’s not going to abandon the imaging side of the business – now one of the bright spots.

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