Sony Kills A-Mount, Still Not ‘Fessing Up

May 4, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Editorial, Lenses, News, Sony, Uncategorized

Over the years, Sony has strung along the dwindling A mount users, denying they have stopped development on the bodies and lenses. But there have been no new lenses or bodies from Sony in that mount in about five years – excepting the single piece of hardware you’d use if you were to switch to Sony E mount: the A-to-E mount adapter. Now, retailers have pulled the A mount listings.

That adapter was refreshed to a usable version just this past October, allowing stranded A mount users to employ their glass with any new Sony E mount bodies they might wish to purchase.

Still, Sony has not publicly announced the death of the mount. They appear to be having a silence contest with Canon as that firm strings along M mount users.

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