Canon R3 to Come Early Next Week – NOT

Jun 28, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Sports

Canon Rumors went out on a limb, making two new calls: that the R3 will be released on Tuesday in Japan; and that it will have 30.1 megapixels. [Update: the same site indicates it was wrong].

Canon R3

The camera is to have the first Canon sensor with backside illumination – a technology allowing for better image quality and lower rolling shutter. The headline feature from Canon’s own pre-announcement was the pupil-directed AF point selection mechanism, involving an eye-facing sensor located at the viewfinder that determines the user’s pupil position to help direct where the currently active focus point should be.

If the rumor proves true, it will have only two thirds the resolution as the current R5 mirrorless flagship, and will not have enough resolution to produce 8k video.

Canon Rumors also reported that the expected RF 14-35 f/4 L lens will be announced at the same time, which is perhaps an odd pairing for that camera, which would be more expected to be at home attached to one of the “big white,” super telephoto lenses that were also pre-announced.

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