New Nikon Retro Cropper Images Leak

Jun 14, 2021 | Bodies, Nikon, Rumors

The rumored Nikon retro crop camera now has a name: the Zfc, according to Nikon Rumors. More importantly, the images leaked, showing just how retro this bird will be. It’s pretty retro. There are enough knobs and doohickies to keep a “street photographer” feeling self-important for hours at a time.

Nikon crop camera zfc

Dials are seen at the top for ISO, exposure compensation and shutter speed. In full retro regalia, the aperture setting doesn’t have its own dial on top of the body. Presumably that would be on your manually operated lens aperture ring, which you operate between puffs on your cigarette.

Pushing the entire concept over the cliff is the folding out winding dial to advance your imaginary film.

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