Nikon Rumored ‘Retro’ Cropper Delayed, Coming Soon?

Jun 11, 2021 | Bodies, Lenses, Nikon, Rumors

Jokes about a Nikon “retro-inspired” body just write themselves. Nikon rumors indicated earlier in the year that a 1980s film-style camera body would be coming with an APS-C digital sensor. They pegged the first week of June (the one we just put to bed four days ago) as the launch timing. The site now indicates we could see this by the end of the month.

To someone who isn’t intimately familiar with the subtleties between Nikon models, their more budget-minded releases, like the current Z50, appear to retain the same form factor through many generations.

Quiz: What’s the biggest difference between these two camera designs?


Answer: The second picture has the camera angled downward at 30 degrees.

Retro style sensibilities have proven relatively popular among photographers. On the same day this rumor was recycled, a company launched a hotshoe-mounted fake film winder control to mount on Fujifilm cameras. [Editor’s Note: Was certain I was going to gag gift these to a couple pro photographer friends shooting 1DX IIIs, but saw the prices. Ouch.]

The thin funnel of lens patents coming from Nikon does indicate that some attention is being paid to crop lenses. So, yeah.

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