Canon Imaging Solidly Growing, Driven by RF Mount

Jul 28, 2021 | Canon, News

Canon’s quarterly financials release showed the camera division essentially making up in this past quarter for all of the missed revenue and earnings experienced during the same quarter in 2020. Camera sales grew 88 percent for the firm’s second quarter just ended.

The manufacturing giant projects it will sell three million interchangeable lens cameras by the end of the year, a growth of 9 percent. But it predicts it will make out even better than that suggests, as the firm hinted that RF body users are spending more on lenses, now that they’re available.

Canon mentioned supply chain limits on lenses, some of which are significantly back-ordered, but did not mention them in the context of cameras.

The R5 and R6 cameras are taking up a higher share of their product mix than they anticipated. Interchangeable lens cameras made up 89 percent of the firm’s camera sales in the quarter, and are anticipated to keep growing to 90 percent for the year.

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