Friendly Togs to Sport Z9 in the Field in Weeks

Jul 9, 2021 | Bodies, Discussion, Nikon, Rumors, Sports

Hoping to not be left out of the Olympics buzz caused by Canon’s R3, Nikon is said to be letting people know that friends of the company will be allowed to test out the Z9 flagship (thought to be releasing at end of year) as soon as August.

The Olympics will be shot by photographers shooting primarily Canon R3 and Sony A1 bodies, which will present an interesting opportunity for some comparisons. Traditionally, the count of cameras and lenses is a bit of a sport, with forum dwellers rooting for their favored brand, with Canon and Nikon dominating the field in that order. This year, Nikon D6s will prove more sparse. Canon fans may be shocked to see how many A1 bodies show up, as Sony has made deliberate headway with large enterprise contracts with news producers like the AP.

Quality of shots will, of course, be impossible to compare in almost all cases. One might think that the Canon shooters using pupil-directed autofocus points will get some shots Sony shooters won’t, but then again, there will certainly be shots made usable by the superior resolution of the Sony sensor.

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