News: GH5II Wasn’t Total Waste

Jul 13, 2021 | Bodies, MFT, News, Panasonic

It turns out that the new version of the GH5 wasn’t quite as useless as we all thought (via 4/3 Rumors). After years of development, Panasonic released a Mark II version that had… the same sensor. But now, Bill Claff – the guy whose curiosity drives him to measure all new cameras’ dynamic range (DR) – published data showing that the Mark II has the better part of a stop of additional DR versus the original GH5 (below in green).

gh5II DR

The micro four thirds-sized sensor of the GH5 II (above in blue) does better than any Olympus model, and only a stop or so poorer than the better of the current full frame sensors (the Canon R5 is in black above). No word yet on just why there would be more DR.

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