8K Raw External Recording Now with Canon R5 Update

Aug 19, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Firmware, News, R5, Software, Video

As expected, Canon delivered a few highly desirable fixes and features with its version 1.4 firmware update, most notably fixing an IBIS spool-up bug and allowing for 8K to now offload directly onto a Ninja V+ external recorder, freeing the camera from heat limits.

Ibis Issue Fixed

The external recorder was already a solution for those wanting to both shoot continuous 4K HQ footage and not have their cameras melt. Now, the other super-high-bandwidth format is also supported, but with a new and more expensive version of the Ninja. The Canon R5 already recorded without heat or other limits with the 4K HQ format to the original Ninja V, a device that typically costs about $700. The new Ninja V+ costs a bit more than twice that.

The firmware update enables simultaneous, dual card recording with video, so long as the video format is one that can be used on an SD card. The R5 has one CFexpress card slot and one SD slot.

Canon is now ready to make a claim to be compliant with the Video Performance Guarantee 400 (VPG 400) standard, which means that if a CFexpress card is also able to provide a minimum throughput of 400 MB per second, the R5 will record video without issue.

In addition to fixing a few obscure bugs and allowing the use of some high-end, obscure cine lenses, the update also “improves operation stability when using the RF400mm F/2.8 L IS USM and the RF600mm f/4 L IS USM,” on which we report separately.

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