Sony A9, Pioneer of Flagship Mirrorless, Dumped from Retailers

Aug 16, 2021 | Bodies, News, Retail, Sony

Sony’s appears to be de-emphasizing its strategy of keeping older products on their retail lists in order to provide price stratification. The A9, a monumentally-significant camera body in the evolution of mirrorless bodies, was replaced with the A9 Mark II two years ago. The upgrade disappointed some because it used the same sensor, while improving ergonomics and mechanical shutter rate. Until now, both shared space at major retailers, with the original A9 coming in significantly cheaper.

But B&H and others are now dumping the first version from their catalogs, with some indicating short supply, suggesting that it is Sony calling the product mix change.

Sony’s recent release of the A1 meant that the firm then had three sort-of-flagship cameras wandering around their product list.

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