Tamron Promises Bonkers f/2 Zoom, Integrated Dock

Aug 5, 2021 | Lenses, News, Sony, Tamron

Tamron made two development announcements yesterday – an unusual tactic for the third party lens maker. The lenses, to be launched within the year, include an f/2-2.8 35-150mm zoom for Sony E mount. The aperture and range of that lens would be unprecedented full frame lenses.

Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8

In addition to promising a Sigma- or Canon RF-style bonkers lens, Tamron also indicated that it would in the future integrate its dock hardware into the lens itself, allowing for them to be configured and updated via a simple USB connection to a computer.

Normally Tamron just announces products, sometimes with a lead time before their availability. It hasn’t in the past done much in the way of development announcements. This could indicate that other makers could have similar products in the offing causing a bit of pressure to pre-announce.

Having an f/2 zoom on the E mount takes a bit of pressure off of Sony to answer Canon’s super bright f/2 28-70mm zoom.

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