Accessorizing the Canon R3: What to Make of Canon’s Cryptic SKUs

Sep 1, 2021 | Accessories, Bodies, Canon, Rumors

Nokishita leaked the six accessories slated to come at the same time as the expected R3 “not a flagship” camera. Some of them follow typical Canon nomenclature, allowing us to guess what they are…

  • The ST-E10 is likely the wireless flash transmitter expected to exploit the new, “smart” hotshoe.
  • The AD-E1 may be the power adapter, although Canon’s nomenclature for these is inconsistent.
  • The ER-L1, ER-HE, and ER-H are possibly different versions of the included neck strap, which have traditionally had SKU notations starting with “ER-“.

    The R3 spotted in the wild, along with what we take to be the ER-L1.

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