Canon 16mm Pancake-ish Lens and 100-400 Pics and Details Leak

Sep 8, 2021 | Canon, Lenses, News

Nokishita received leaked images and specs for the new 16mm f/2.8 full frame RF mount prime lens and a new 100-400mm slow zoom. The information was also corroborated by an overly-early (and later taken down) posting on noted by

Canon RF 16mm

The 16mm lens looks a lot like a traditional 50mm kit lens in size, almost as small as a pancake lens. It is likely to fit on many a vlogger’s camera, being about the perfect focal length for comfortable arms-length selfie headshots. This might foreshadow what Canon has in store for the rumored January body release that would reportedly annoy fanboys. A vlogging camera would serve that purpose perfectly.

The 100-400mm lens has a fantastic reproduction ratio, hitting 0.41x magnification, but is even slower than the 100-500mm L lens, showing a maximum aperture of f/8 at the long end. The signal feature – aside from price – of the new zoom is its size, which looks to be only slightly longer than the RF 15-35mm f/2.8 before the 100-400mm lens is extended for its more telephoto focal lengths.

Canon RF 100-400 Extended

The 16mm lens will reportedly fetch $300, and the 100-400mm lens $650.

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