Canon Throws Patent App at Horizontal Lines Focusing Problem

Sep 2, 2021 | Autofocus, Canon, News, Patents

Canon R5 users eventually come to that moment when their camera won’t focus on a target. It is then they discover it’s optimized to figure out focus from the visible vertical lines of a target. An object with only clear horizontal lines? Nope, invisible.

Canon ibis phase detect axis patent

Rumors regarding the coming R3 camera hold that it will have phase detect sensing in both vertical and horizontal, but a patent application surfaced today by Canon Watch shows a clever way of half-assing this: using the in-body stabilization (IBIS) system to rotate the image momentarily enough to get phase information back on a different axis.

There are a series of IBIS-related patents that Canon has been churning out over the past couple of years that might start becoming relevant as they’ve actually introduced IBIS-equipped bodies starting 14 months ago. The one IBIS-related feature users knew about and hoped would make an appearance remains absent: super-resolution via the stacking of IBIS-offset images.

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