Russian Certification Database Shows 2 Unknown Canon Bodies

Sep 28, 2021 | Canon, Rumors

Nokishita was first to point out the new registration by Canon of three camera bodies. One of them is the old 90D. Two others appear to be relatively newly-designed bodies, based on their ID numbers, coming after the R3 – which was originally to be launched prior to the summer Olympics.

Forum dwellers have been busy this morning imagining their greatest needs and wants, but Russian registrations happen for various reasons, including – particularly – updated radio hardware in cameras. When a camera receives updated hardware, it is noted as a new ID number for the purposes of these registrations.

The upshot: we cannot tell yet whether these are really new cameras. We can say that most registrations that appear in this Russian database do wind up being sold in Russia within a couple months. That could be anything ranging from a never-before-seen camera to one sold for the past two years in Japan that is only now making its way to Russia.

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