Sigma’s New 90mm Definitely Not Macro

Sep 3, 2021 | Astro, L-Mount, Lenses, Macro, Portrait, Rumors, Sigma, Sony

It wasn’t close. People hoping that the new Sigma 90mm lens designed ground-up for mirrorless was going to have at least a decent reproduction ratio, but it turns out to be a 1:5 magnification, which is about the same as a Canon “big white” prime lens.

Sigma’s Actual-Macro Lens for Mirrorless, Released One Year Ago

The sales copy leaked to Nokishita appears to emphasize the macro capability of the lens, which is a bit odd given that it has only 20 percent the magnification capability as a true macro lens. It appears instead to be a bokeh-focused portrait lens.

The f/2.8 maximum aperture lens will be priced at $669, as will be the other lens to be launched at the same time on September 9: the 24mm f/2, which appears to be designed for astrophotography.

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