Sony’s Airpeak S1 Goes on Sale

Sep 22, 2021 | News, Sony, Stabilization, Video

Sony’s much-ballyhooed S1 Airpeak drone can now be pre-ordered in Japan. The almost-$10,000 gimbaled camera platform will tote A7, A1 and A9 form factor cameras, and even integrate with them with matching firmware communication between the newer models and the drone, especially in regard to on-the-fly settings changing from a remote control.

The critical benefit to the new platform – aside from the vanishingly small audience requiring highway speeds, and acceleration akin to a sports car – is the fact that it isn’t a DJI product.

The drone will carry a camera and lens package of up to 5 pounds. Software is included to allow for pre-planned routing with a high degree of repeatability for multiple takes. Would-be buyers presumably have their fingers crossed that some of the software development hire-ins were interface experts, as the development process for the drone started in earlier A7 firmware days.

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