Canon News Collects Canon Stacked Sensor Patent Trove

Oct 14, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors

Canon News, always great in the art of Canon patent-foo – collected a series of stacked sensor-related goodies showing the various directions Canon is headed. This is especially of interest in the run-up to the commercial release of the EOS R3, which sports a stacked sensor.

Canon CMOS sensor

Included in the mix is a near-global shutter sensor, an actual global shutter sensor, and even some pretty out-there stuff about a far future sensor that will exploit quantum dots.

The research shows that Canon is in the sensor business for the long-haul, as these are not technologies that appear to be easy to port over to someone else’s contract chip fab. It is likely that if these designs come to fruition, it will be on a production line designed for the purpose.

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