Canon VR Stereoscopic Lens Exists, to Ship in December

Oct 6, 2021 | Canon, Lenses, News

Thirteen years after the release of the move WALL-E, Canon introduced (via Nokishita in Japanese) a stereoscopic dual fisheye lens system that looks like WALL-E’s delinquent brother. The dual 5.2mm lenses point toward a common image circle, allowing software to then process the images into VR video. An update is expected shortly for the R5 camera to be able to produce an 8K file comprising two side-by-side 4K images, one from each camera.

Canon VR Lens

This allows the slightly different aspects of each lens to provide parallax and other effects that gives the perceived image much more depth and a 3-D feel.

Canon, being Canon, opted to provide a demonstration with dancers on a stage – maybe a particularly poor use of the technology, versus a personal point-of-view scene that could really show it off.

The lens is expected to be released at the very end of this year and cost $2,000.

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