CanonRumors: Some Things That Were To Be Won’t; But Some Still Might; And They May Be Freshened

Oct 11, 2021 | Canon, Equipment, Rumors

Yes, we make fun, but Canon Rumors is onto something interesting. Retailers get product previews, and this is an interesting prospect in an era when Canon, prior to the pandemic, talked about throwing lots of different things against the wall to see what stuck. Well, some of them appear to be coming unstuck prior even to their announcement.

canon r3 teaser

Special emphasis was put on the Cinema EOS line, with NABShow having been cancelled. It may be (our speculation here) that they were to be announced at the NABShow, but weren’t expected to be shipping, so the early announcement made less sense without the major trade event.

There was some talk that the products themselves may be refreshed – which happens sometimes when long delays cause an unreleased product to fall behind other market offerings.

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