Curtains Match the Drapes: Leaked Sony A7IV Specs Now Make Sense with Leaked Steep Price

Oct 19, 2021 | Bodies, Rumors, Sony

The Sony A7IV will cost 2,800 Euros, according to a rumor on If true, this could go a long ways to helping explain why the leaked specifications appear to be so close to the higher-end A7R Mark IV, a higher-resolution camera that is old enough to have several inferior specs.

horizontal sony shutter problem a7 iii

The current price of the A7R Mark IV is about $3,500 US, less than $1,000 difference between the different levels.

The new A7IV model is expected to ship in early December. The A7R Mark IV launched two and a half years ago, and will likely be replaced by a Mark V version within the next year and a half.

Where Sony once had an insane release cadence nearing 18 months between versions, it has settled into the same pattern that Nikon and Canon have developed over the course of two decades, pushing releases out closer to three or four years from earlier equivalent releases.

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