Nikon Z9 Features Leaking Quickly

Oct 25, 2021 | Bodies, Nikon, Rumors

With the expectation that the official announcement of the Z9 could come as early as this week, details are leaking rapidly, corroborating many of the details rumored previously, and providing a few juicy new ones. Among those are an expected sensor readout of 4 milliseconds, which is 20 percent faster than the Sony A1, allowing for 1/250th flash sync; but it will not even have a mechanical shutter. That’s a bold move for a flagship camera.

The maximum frame rate appears to be corroborated at 20 frames per second. 8K 60p is confirmed.

Shipping is expected in December, which should follow just a few weeks behind Canon’s EOS R3 “not-a-flagship” release.

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