Nikon Z9 Testers Report a Doozy

Oct 21, 2021 | Bodies, Nikon, Rumors

NikonRumors reports that tester experiences are showing the camera – to be launched late this month – may put it atop the short list of major flagship cameras. Shooters are indicating that there is insignificant lag in the viewfinder, little noticeable rolling shutter and generally a performance that puts it at a much higher level than the D6 DSLR.


Nikon Z9

The fact that the camera has 45 megapixels, allowing 8K video puts its shoulders above that of the also-soon-to-be-released Canon EOS R3, a camera Canon has taken pains to indicate is not its “flagship” camera, yet is significantly superior in almost every way to its 1DX III that bears that responsibility currently.

Sony’s A1 flagship may fall to the Z9 in some critical real-world specifications, such as actual framerate, versus rated framerate.


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