Sony A7IV Out, Maxes Specs, Except for FPS, IBIS

Oct 21, 2021 | Bodies, News, Sony

The Sony A7IV is out and getting very good reviews. The 33 megapixel, $2,000 camera that shoots compressed RAW at 10 frames per second adopts many of the interface and ergonomic improvements Sony introduced since this camera’s predecessor. The disappointments are going down to 5 frames per second in uncompressed RAW and, well, Sony in-body stabilization. Some might also balk at the $2,500 price, being 25 percent more than the A7III, although it compares quite favorably with many functional competitors.

sony a7iv

The IBIS system does include gyroscope data in the video files, which can allow for post-processing (unfortunately via proprietary Sony tools) to reduce video jitters. A new feature introduced with this camera is a breathing correction function, which crops video and removes breathing for certain first party lenses.

A7III shooters will find the collection of improvements to be overwhelming, particularly including the inclusion of the Sony eye tracking autofocus system, which remains state-of-the-art.

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