Vague Canon R1 Rumor Surfaces Day of Nikon Z9 Launch

Oct 29, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Nikon, Rumors, Sony

CanonWatch reports that it received word that a flagship camera to beat the not-yet-released Canon EOS R3 body will come about a year from now, and that it will beat – in a vague, spec-free, general sort of way – the Nikon Z9 and Sony A1. We know such a camera would “beat” them on greatest price.

purple canon r3

You know what that R3 could use? Some more size and weight and 10 more frames per second rather than a resolution boost.

Rumors and forum dwellers appear to be assuming that the R1 – a placeholder name bestowed by the internet, not by Canon’s mercurial product management staff – will be a higher megapixel camera than the about-to-be-shipped R3. Without an actual sourced indicator of this, such an optimistic expectation will likely prove incorrect, given Canon’s consistent association with 1-series flagship cameras with low-res shooters such as photojournalists and sports ‘togs.


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