Atomos Ninja V Update Brings R5 Goodies

Nov 23, 2021 | Accessories, Canon, News, Panasonic, Video Recorders

This morning, Australian firm Atomos released version 10.71 firmware for its popular Ninja V video recorder device. These devices have been critical for adding video features to high end digital cameras over the past couple of years, as the processing requirements and heat envelope demands of videographers have outpaced the capacity of existing passively-cooled bodies.

Atomos Ninja V

The new update grants to Canon EOS R5 users the ability to shoot in ProRes RAW format up to 30 frames per second with 5K resolution. Using the external recorder works around the R5’s in-built 30 minute recording limit, so long as you use the Ninja V to initiate recording. Shooting 5k30 ProRes RAW HQ video on the R5 will fill up a 2TB drive in 90 minutes (and probably heat your studio).


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