Canon Cine Turns Ten, Coincidentally Same Age as 2nd-Tiering of 5 Series’ Video Features

Nov 4, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Discussion, Editorial, Lenses, Video

Canon announced a “celebration” of the 10th anniversary of the launch of its Cine camera and lens system. The celebration appears to be comprised of the press release linked above.

canon cine lenses

In 2011, just prior to the 5D Mark III release, Canon had cemented a reputation for having introduced a much wider market to digital video features with the 5D Mark II. That camera is the one most frequently pointed out as the pivot point where the expectation on a professional photographer started to switch from being 100 percent stills photos to having the capacity to do video.

This was also the time when Canon opted to split away from the 5 series the top-of-the-line video features with the upgraded 5D mark III and squirrel them away in a much-more-expensive “Cine” line.

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