DJI Launches Mavic 3 with MFT Sensor

Nov 5, 2021 | Bodies, Drone, Lenses, MFT, News, Other, Stabilization

We don’t typically cover drones, but DJI’s Mavic 3, launched within the hour, totes a Micro Four Thirds sensor, allowing it to do serious photography from the air. DJI’s acquisition of Hasselblad appears to finally be tolling in terms of an actual influence on their products. The first Hasselblad drone cameras appeared to change only in having hadded the oblong H logo.

The imaging payload features two cameras: the larger format MFT sensor (a Sony-produced chip), and an additional camera just above it with an equivalent 162mm telephoto lens. This allows an operator to swap views from the main (24mm equivalent) image to punch in to get a detail shot. That detail shot will have to make do with a standard 1/2 inch drone sensor. Also from Sony.

The video capabilities are impressive, with a 5k video at 60p allowing for some motion control or cropping to a 4k output product. It shoots in 10 bit and can push to 200 frames per second slow motion in standard HD video.

The drone’s other two stand-out improvements are an increase in fly time by almost half to 45 minutes and a completion of the sensor array system around the drone, allowing it to avoid collision with objects from any angle.

DJI is also launching a Cine version of the Mavic 3, which adds both a 1 TB flash drive and the ability to shoot Apple ProRes RAW in 10:2:2. Which means you need that flash drive. Pushing that to the micro SD cards would pop them out like burnt bread from a toaster.

The Mavic 3 goes for $2,200, about triple the current Mavic 2 cost. The Cine is offered in a “combo” package that costs $5,000.

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