Nikon To Consolidate HQ

Nov 4, 2021 | News, Nikon

Using a lot that once housed a now-closed Nikon factory, the former duopoly camera manufacturer made public plans to consolidate its various headquarters into a building to be started next year.

The company will squash corporate, planning departments of all of the business units, and advanced research and development into a roughly half-million square foot facility spread between six floors.

Construction is expected to start next summer and go into the first couple quarters of 2024. Satellite images show the lot is already empty, appearing currently to be used for parking in one portion and as a paved recreation area park in the other.

Nikon HQ site

Nikon, facing a cash crunch last year, sold off several valuable assets, including most of its domestic manufacturing capacity in favor of moving camera building to Thailand. Having been successful in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, the markets have rewarded Nikon with a stock price for a company that does not appear to be in imminent threat. This reorganization leaves a company with a very different set of sizes and proportions among the various divisions from what it was just two years ago.

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