Nikon Z9 Pre-Sales Pop

Nov 1, 2021 | Bodies, News, Nikon, Retail

Nikon Rumors reports that retail channel sources indicate the Z9 is selling faster than any of the the camera maker’s earlier greatest hits, including the D700, D800 and D850. Those cameras were non-gripped full frame bodies that did not cost as much as the gripped Z9.

Of course, that demand may take some time to satisfy, given supply chain issues and Nikon’s own planned reduced manufacturing capacities.

Separately, Nikon is reporting (Japanese) positive profit results, with an upward revision to estimated profits for the year by about 20 percent, resulting in a showing of 34 billion Yen at the end of the fiscal year (end of Q1 calendar year 2022), versus a loss the previous year of 56 billion Yen.

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